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I see a lot of driving schools offer free lessons, why don’t Cavendish Driving School?

We won’t work for nothing.

How come that others do?

Simple answer, they don’t, they just recover the money in another way.


Everyone has high pass rate, how do you know who to believe?

You’d have to know their results for at least the last 12 months, of all their tests from an independent source.

What’s the best way of choosing an instructor, is it recommendation?

That is a good way, but the person doing the recommendation has probably known only one instructor. Our tip would be to have lessons with 2-3 instructors and choose the best one.


If this is not an option there are some question you can ask the potential instructor:

  1. Don’t go to someone who teaches to reverse on the mirrors or allows dry steering. Top story in the ‘Driving’ magazine from March 2012 say that “Bad reversing costs £400m a year. We would save £409m in vehicle damage each year, according to a recent study, if we reversed properly.”) Some instructors will say you have to reverse on the mirrors, this is simply not true. The Highway Code says that you should MAINLY look through the rear window and of course side windows.

  2. Don’t have lessons in a car with with marks on windows, side or back! They won’t be on the car you drive after passing your test.

  3. Ask if they will help you change down through the gears as well as up and ask to be taught everything not what’s just local to you or test routes etc. country roads, dual carriage ways, overtaking and large roundabouts, different times not just quiet times when roads are empty and of course lessons at night.

  4. Some test centres don’t have car parks, so of course you don’t have to reverse into a bay on your test, but still ask for this to be taught to you and don’t pay extra.



People think all instructors are the same standard. This could not be further from the truth. A young lady recently called to enquire for a lesson having failed her test that same day. “I am a good driver I just need more confidence” one of the reasons she failed her test was as she said “I didn’t know you had to give way to the right at a mini roundabout.”

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